MX2000-LN-01 2000nm 1G 强度调制器

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2 μm band 1 GHz Intensity Modulator

The MX2000-LN-01 is an intensity modulator especially designed for operation in the 2.0 μm wavelength band at frequencies up to 1 GHz.

This Mach-Zehnder modulator offers engineers working at 2.0 μm the intrinsic and unparalleled benefits of LiNb03external modulation : high bandwidth , high contrast, ease of use. 

The MX2000-LN-01 is based on a X-cut design that confers it an unparalleled stability. It incorporates 2.0 μm specific waveguide and is pigtailed with 2.0 μm polarization maintaining fibers. 


· lidars

· sensing


Matched RF drivers


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