NIR-MX-LN-10 1000nm 10G 强度调制器

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1000 nm band 10 GHz Intensity Modulator

The NIR-MX-LN-10 is an intensity modulator especially designed for operation in the 1000 nm wavelength band.

This Mach-Zehnder modulator offers engineers working at 1000 nm the intrinsic and unparalleled benefits of LiNb03 external modulation : high bandwidth , high contrast up to 30 dB, ease of use. Thanks to Photline Technologies proprietary waveguide process, the NIR MX LN 10 exhibits a stable behaviour and supports several tens mW of input optical power.


·  Short pulse generation – Pulse picking - Pulse shaping

·  Fiber laser systems

·  Carrier suppression

·  Fiber optics sensors

·  Optical communication


Pulse RF drivers DR-PL-10-MO-LR, DR-PL-10-MO-HR Analog driver DR-AN-10-MO Digital drivers DR-DG-10-MO-NRZ, DR-DG-10-MO-RZ, DR-DG-12-MO MBC-DG Bias Controller Pulse ModBoxes, analog Modboxes, Digital Modboxes


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