1x20 Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS)

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The Twin 1x20 Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) is the newest generation JDSU WSS platform that introduces TrueFlex® performance to the industry. The platform, based on liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) switching with fully configurable channel width, allows 50 GHz, 37.5 GHz, or any channel size to support superchannels or future modulation formats and intrachannel power control to groom channel power levels for maximum performance. The switching platform’s high-spectral resolution delivers excellent cascaded passbands required for 100 G performance in large-scale mesh networks.

The twin design is optimized for route-and-select node configurations that are being broadly adopted for colorless-directionless-contentionless functionality. JDSU has leveraged its extensive experience with free-space optics to provide two independent, high-port-count switches within a single module. The Twin 1x20 WSS uses common optical elements for lower overall cost and a smaller footprint without compromising optical performance compared to the two conventional physical modules.

In addition to supporting a 1x20 WSS configuration, the qualified hardware can be extended to support Twin MxN configurations, where M+N ≤ 21 are defined through software and calibration. The low-cost Twin MxN option is for colorless-directionless add/drop switching. Using common hardware across multiple applications adds engineering design efficiency, improves inventory management, and can potentially improve network operations.


  • Two functionally integrated WSSs that serve as common hardware for the Twin 1x20 and Twin MxN
  • Superior node-level solution using route and select architecture
  • Full flexible spectrum
  • Intra-channel attenuation control to 1 GHz granularity
  • Very high spectral resolution for node cascadability
  • 2x20 configuration support for test access and loopback

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