fibercore 纯硅纤芯耐高温单模光纤

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Pure Silica Core Hight temperature SM Fiber

  • Excellent hydrogen resistance
  • Reduced radiation induced attenuation
  • Various NAs for bend insensitivity
  • Coatings for temperature use up to 150°C and 300°C
  • Carbon option for hermetic sealing
  • Hydrogen test data available

Typical Applications:

  • Sensing in radiation environments
  • Biomedical probes
  • Sensing in hydrogen environments

Product  list

SM1250SC(9/125)  Very low attenuation, pure silica core fiber for 1550nm transmission

SM1500SC(7/80)  Pure silica core, bend insensitive fiber

SM1500SC(7/125)  Pure silica core, bend insensitive fiber


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