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SLM Thermal Management Solutions

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HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulators are based on Liquid Crystal microdisplays. Physical properties of LC materials show a certain temperature dependence and a change in temperature may influence different optical SLM properties (phase shift, switching speed, phase stability...). SLM displays have their own power dissipation which varies between products and configurations. To keep the performance / temperature stable an active thermal management system should be used.

Dependent on the device model and its power dissipation, the device version’s reflectivity and the laser power used in an application, HOLOEYE offers a thermal management system with passive heat sink or a system based on an active water cooling.

The thermal managment systems are designed to work with the current versions of the HOLOEYE PLUTO-2, LETO and GAEA-2 Spatial Light Modulator series.

The up-to date display versions of all these SLM platforms use a standardized display packaging with a ceramic stiffener / back plate with excellent thermal conductivity. The displays can be mounted using the integrated magnets or by screws if required.

The HOLOEYE thermal manangment systems are modular and can easiliy be exchanged dependent on requirements and application.


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